My brother is allowed to make another account for this forum?

So, basically, my brother is 13, but his account’s birthday is set in 2011, which means that he can’t access to the forum, so my question is that he is allowed to create another account? Since he is 13, but his account’s birthday is in 2011. Thanks for reading, and sorry for having a bad English.

Well, considering he meets the age standards to join the devforum. I don’t see why not, most people do this as well.


Yeah, if he’s 13, he can make a alt, if he needs his account dob changed, email roblox, they can do it. They did it for me when I got hacked and my dob was set to 1 years old lol.

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He already made that, but the request was rejected, but thanks for mentioning that again!

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I have to agree with the previous reply. I don’t know a reason why this would not be allowed if your brother meets the age requirement for joining the developer forum.

Also, happy birthday!

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Why wouldn’t this be allowed? Alts are only against the rules when used to inflate stats or bypass punishment, as far as I know.