My bush is moving by itself

Sadly, out of all the problems I wish I could have had unfortunately it had to be this one

So basically Im spawning in a bush in a region3 and it works perfectly fine and all but the problem is when the bush spawns it starts, “running”; as far as Im aware there are no scripts other then the animate script inside of the bush so I dont get why its moving; I tried taking out the animate script and it still wouldnt work

the walkspeed is also set to 0

look in the bottom left corner
video of bush running :


code where I spawn it :

local plantsFolder = game.ServerStorage.plants:GetChildren()
local regionPart = game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("defaultMap").plantSpawns.plantSpawn1
local bottomLeft = regionPart.Position - (regionPart.Size / 2)
local topRight = regionPart.Position + (regionPart.Size / 2)
local region =,topRight)
local function spawnPlants(obj,pos)
	local newPlant = obj:Clone()
	newPlant.Parent = workspace
	print("Spawned "..newPlant.Name)

I needed to adjust the hip height it was clipping with the ground :man_facepalming:t5:

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