My cafe "Pure" any thoughts or suggestions?

So I am starting my group Pure 纯 - Roblox “Pure 纯” and I am about to open up a café. I hired trust developers @Thomaqsz and @BzzCrimes (you should check them out) with this project. I need suggestions on what to add or do next to my group. (BTW I still need it coded and I still need to hire someone to make the models so anything apart from that). Thank youuu!!!


Has a really nice aesthetic! I’m personally not a big fan of the palm trees and how bent they are but that might just be me.

There could definitely be more things on the beach to the left of the first picture and the hill’s a bit flat in terms of detail. However, the brown colours inside of the cafe are beautiful and you have done a great job. :+1:

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Seems good, honestly the palms look weird, but pretty good.

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