My camera is snapping in random directions alot

title is mostly self explanatory, my camera is snapping in random directions when i move it around normally, usually while i pan around and move around at the same time, video attached:

how do i fix this?


You haven’t mentioned anything you’ve attempted to solve the issue, so here are a few things to try:

  • Close out of Studio and restart. It may be a glitch in the session of Studio you’re in at the moment.
  • Uninstall and install Studio. It may be a glitch in the version on your computer.
  • Check to see if it’s being caused by a plugin. Disable all of your plugins and see if that solves it. If it does then start adding one plugin at a time back in and testing to see if it starts happens again.
  • Have you installed anything from the toolbox recently that may have a script that affects your camera?

i entirely forgot, sorry, but i havent really tried anything studio specific anyways.
1, this has been happening for the past several days, not any singular studio session
2, this did nothing
3, i thought it fixed it for a few seconds… but it did not.
4, i have not inserted any models or scripts from the toolbox, i only use it for decals and audio
to add onto this, this doesnt happen anywhere else EXCEPT studio and minecraft for some reason?
ive tried things relating to my mouse specifically (logitech g502 hero) like reinstalling the software and disabling it entirely

Have you tried updating your drivers? Same thing happened to me one time and that was how I fixed it

like, mouse drivers? graphics drivers? im not sure what drivers youre referring to specifically

Graphics drivers, sorry for not clarifying

thought that fixed it for a few seconds, but no luck sadly

no response in a while, and its still happening, the only other post has asked about this issue also has zero replies, is this just unfixable? because its genuinely one of the most annoying things i have to deal with in studio

You said only in Studio and in Minecraft?
Sounds like an issue on your end.

Does it only happen when moving your mouse fast like in the video?
How old are your computer and graphics card?
Have you reached out in Minecraft forums to see if anyone else has the problem there?

it happens at any speed, as long as the mouse is moving and a directional key is being held.
my graphics card is a 2080s, probably 5 or 6 years old, and an intel 9th gen i7…
and i looked it up before i made this post and saw what appeared to be the same issue, but they fixed it by plugging in their drawing tablet because it only did that while it was disconnected, but i dont have something like that…

Do you have any other devices? Is your monitor a touchscreen?

i do not have a touchscreen monitor, or any software/peripherals that would be interfering with the mouse, excluding the mouse software itself which i have disabled anyways thinking it mightve been the issue, nothing changed though

i had an idea and thought it could be relating to the steam link app, but i disabled all settings relating to it and nothing changed.

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bumping this, still happening >:[

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still happening, no solution yet…