My Camping Base for a Story Game

Quick Heads Up

Hello, So recently I was bored, so I decided to make something for fun, got into it too much & decided to make a game for it, AND please remember this, I have a friend thats very much into building and good at it he kept telling me to use F3X its easier and blah blah, I barely used F3X in my entire years in roblox studio, I decided to take his advice and use it this once, I had a blast doing so. And I’ve used Future Lightning too.



It is true that I’m also working on a Tower Defense game rn following GnomeCode’s tutorial doing so, but this is a Side Project Game I’m working on for fun also, not meant to get to big or anything but just to make it for fun and see how far I’ve came in Building & Scripting.


Please give Criticism, Suggestions, Rate 1 - 10, or anything that can help me out if you can, this was all built in nearly two hours.

Hmm the build itself is very basic it lacks details perhaps add a carpet on the floor, decoration on the walls


I like it, i would only suggest adding some more props to make it feel more full. Maybe some tools you could usually find in a camp.


I’m gon be adding that soon, i already add invis parts to the table and cooler in the base as proximity prompts to get items.