My Character will not load in the game

whenever run into studio or the game itself the character wont spawn in specifically when im enclosed in a building like in the screenshot provided this only happens when i put a spawn pad in the game when i remove the spawn pad it loads in perfectly what is the reason for this

Unless it’s some Roblox bug, I’d need to know what your code is doing in-game to cause this issue. If nothing in your code would have even a remote possibility of doing this, I would use find all and search to see if you have any virus’ by searching getfenv and require to see if there is any outside source causing harm.

There is a chance that code in your game specifically requires a specific means of spawning or a special morph that is interfered with by the default spawning system. Check the spawn properties as well to see if there is anything different between that spawn and other spawns.

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I’ve removed all scripts and the character is still not loading i dont know if it has something to do with the spawn pad as whenever i remove it i can spawn but when its in it doesnt spawn could it be a settings issue

Do you have LoadCharacterAppearance set as something different from the game settings? It may be the properties of the individual spawn. You should compare that spawn to your normal spawn properties.

where is the loadcharacterappearance setting?

Seems I’m a bit outdated; it got replaced. In Game Settings there is an Avatar category. If there are no scripts in your game and all Game Settings are default, this could be a Roblox related issue but if you say it works fine with the spawn location not inside of the building then could you do me a favor and show me a picture of what it looks like when the spawn location is outside of the building?

That was a mistake it does not work in general my character only spawns when there is no spawn point and when theres no spawnpoint i just get stuck in a loop which causes my character to fall since theres no spawnpoint

Interesting. What happens when you get to the inside of the building when your character is already loaded?

My current theory is location. There are boundaries which no longer display the player model. Use properties to check the Position of the SpawnLocation and let me know what the position coordinates are.

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