My character won't rotate when I move

My character doesn’t rotate when I move for some reason, I’m not to sure why it doesn’t. Video: Character won't rotate - YouTube

The part is a circle from this post: How do I attach a Circle to player?

The part is UnAnchored and CanCollide = False.


Make sure Humanoid.AutoRotate is true. If it is, then it might be how it’s welded. Try switching Part0 and Part1 around in the WeldConstraint.

Better solution might be to create a script utilizing Raycasting that fires every RunService.Heartbeat. Playing with the physics and character there might not be the best way.

How would I be able to code that? is there a video I can watch to help because I’m ok a coding but not good at that kind of stuff. I’m still learning about this kind of stuff, Usually I get people to give me the code and I study off it so see what everything does.