My Character's body parts aren't on the right spots

Every Time I try to add a character whether it through a plugin or simply copying my own character and then adding it the body parts aren’t on the right spots.


I haven’t scaled or moved any parts yet this happens, it doesn’t happen on every character on plain dummy for example it doesn’t happen and on some other player character it does happen.

I have found out that whenever I remove all the accessories the limbs are at the right spots.
I have restarted roblox studio, disabled all my plugins and reinstalled roblox studio twice
yet nothing helps

But I want to know how to fix this without having to remove all accessories.

When I play the game and view the character however it is normal it’s only like this when I’m not playing the game in studio.

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Try moving the Humanoid out of the model, and then back in.


Thanks so much man that actually worked


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