My client is fully connected to server, but my character won't spawn and a local script is waiting for something I didn't tell it to wait for

My client is fully connected to the server meaning I can see other players and stuff going on in the server with low latency and I’m getting server print statements in my dev console. My camera is in “Fly” mode and my character wont spawn though. There’s also scripts waiting for things I didn’t tell them to wait for. Nowhere in PlayerGui is there an instance called “Chat” that I made (I’m assuming its a CoreGui). Here’s what the line causing this infinite yield looks like:

No mention of “Chat” here.

About 5 minutes later, my character finally spawned and everything was working as it was before.

Place where it happened:


Bug is with the ROBLOX chat. It inserts scripts into those locations at runtime. @TheGamer101

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This issue is because your ScreenGui is called “ScreenGui” which is also the default name of new ScreenGuis. The bug comes from the fact that the parent of the “Chat” ScreenGui was being set before the name of the ScreenGui was set. I have fixed this but the fix isn’t out yet.

The relevant change is here if you are curious.

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There seems to be another problem:

MainGui is in StarterGui. Sometimes people spawn, sometimes they don’t.

As shown by server console:

I’ve managed to replicate the bug in studio. It looks like when the player joins during certain gamemodes, all they have in their PlayerGui is the “Chat” ScreenGui.