My code not works well

I have an code, that picks an random pet from given pets array. The pet’ rarity does have decimals. So, I have to multiply them. But it shouldn’t save it. I don’t know why but its changes given pet array for permanently. The N variable is for my extra luck system. When n = 1, there’s no problem. When is n over 1 there’s problem.

local Multiplier = 1

for _,Pet in Pets do
    local split = string.split(tostring(Pet.Percentage), ".")
    if split[2] ~= nil then
        if 10 ^ string.len(split[2]) > Multiplier then
            Multiplier = 10 ^ string.len(split[2])

for _,Pet in Pets do
    local n = 2

    Pet.Percentage = (Pet.Percentage * Multiplier) * n

code output:
on first time my pet’ rarity percentage: 800
on second time my pet’ rarity percentage: 1600
on third time my pet’ rarity percentage: 3200

desired output:
on first time my pet’ rarity percentage: 800
on second time my pet’ rarity percentage: 800
on third time my pet’ rarity percentage: 800
… (always same ^)


You are taking the value of the Pet.Percentage equal to 2 times itself. You should change the second Pet.Percentage to a base value, as you have mentioned, 800

Doesn’t work. Value is still getting bigger when N is not equal to 1

Is the output different from the previous every time? If it isn’t then it is painfully obvious that it is multiplying by n.

I am assuming that you are trying to get random element from an array based on percent rarity.
Here more basic code for that.

--Example list of pets
local Pets = {
      Name = "Dog",
      Percent = 40,
      Name = "Cat",
      Percent = 30,
      Name = "Bunny",
      Percent = 20,
      Name = "Fox",
      Percent = 9.5,
      Name = "Bull",
      Percent = 0.5,

--The function that you need
function getRandomPet()
    local p = math.random()
    local cumulativeProbability = 0
    for i, Pet in pairs(Pets) do
        cumulativeProbability = cumulativeProbability + (Pet.Percent / 100)
        if p <= cumulativeProbability then
            return Pet

--Testing the function
local count = { }

local iterations = 5000000
for i=1,iterations do
    local name = getRandomPet().Name
    count[name] = (count[name] or 0) + 1

for name, count in pairs(count) do
    print(name, count/iterations * 100)

Note: The total percent of elements must not excess 100

Thanks! I’d better use it. (blablablablablabla)

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