My Composed Music

I’m planning to make music for my games when I make a project that suits my style. These are some of my works that I have finished. Any thoughts? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Which one is your favorite and which one is your least favorite and what should I work on to make them better to make a game more immersive?

If you’re wondering, I am wanting to make a science fiction atmosphere more immersive with these tracks.

Edit: I have fixed the files, but I have decided to use this feedback to make my next song better. The only reason why I’m not uploading them is without the bass it doesn’t sound right to me, but with the bass it makes this popping sound in certain sections with a lot of audio layers. I would like to get feedback on my next song because I’m planning for it to be in a project. I’m still taking feedback from users and I would love to hear your input.


your weakness is that you made the first 3 music too hight in volume that keep making a weird noise in my headset.

the last one is cool

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Okay, I’ll look at audio balancing and make sure that will stop happening.

I have fixed it, but I’m going to have to update them later.

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i’m not saying that the sound is bad, is just that in your headset the sound can look diferent than mine.

the sound here is nice but the first 3 ones is soo highup in volume that my headset make a weird noise.

here is one of the tips that i found in the internet.

Balancing the volume of your tracks is the fundamental starting point for every mix. A clear balance is almost half the work, especially if you’ve got great sounding tracks.

My major concern with it is the names, if you search the song name with song on the end i.e. orbit song, it comes up with results of songs called Orbit, this is true for all the songs. It may be confusing for some people to find the songs or possibly even get you into copy right trouble, apart from that the music is good :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: but I’m not entirely sure if you can copyright a scientific term. Thank you for the input. I’ll think about new names for them.

I think I know what you’re talking about. i had turned my audio up on a few headsets and speakers and I’m hearing a popping sound. I’m balancing the bass to try to fix it. I will also follow what that quote is talking about. I’ll spend more time doing audio balancing to make my music better.

I really like the music you posted, they are pretty good. Just one little suggestion, I think you can make all of your sound tracks it more grand. As I am not a proffessional composer, but I do play instruments and in a band, I think a bit more bass would be nice. :blush:

I’ll take your suggestion and implement it into my next piece for my next build. Thank you for the input :happy2: