My concept for UGC

I call this Bamboo Stick! Thanks for my previous feedback and that this one had been added texture


Please feel free to express yourself! I need criticism to improve.

All I see here is a plain cylinder. It does not look like a piece of bamboo. I would reshape it to represent bamboo and give it a texture. The color if it is a bit off from a bamboo color. I should be a mixture of green and brown.



I think it looks very cool, but maybe add more depth to it. Right now it looks like a cylinder with a wood texture, so maybe try making slight ridges and stuff like real bamboo has. Just a suggestion, great job!

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Amazing! I’d say it’s on par with The Cube.

Have you thought about naming it The Cylinder?


You should add mesh lines to make it similar to a bamboo stick.

How can I do that, sir? This is my second time making these.

Guys, by the way I am absolutely new to this.

Design a mesh, then make it look similar to this:
Bamboo Stick
I would like to think if i helped.

Since you’re new, to make it look like bamboo I recommend turning collisions OFF (look this up if your collisions are on) and put cylinders inside. Then try to change the color to make it look like bamboo. Try making a Union afterwards to keep it as one block. I’m not the best at building and I don’t have blender but that would be what I would do. Good luck, no matter what you decide to do!

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Well, I don’t strongly agree with all of the other folks, but I’d say it looks pretty good for a start. Maybe add more textures and make it look like a actual bamboo stick. Hopefully this helps, and keep up the good work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its just a simple cylinder type part that’s it. Add some textures onto it and add pointy stick like Bamboo. I mean other then that, it’s very plain looking.

Edit: No not being rude or nothing, It’s really good for a starter, just needs some work! :slight_smile:
Goodluck! :+1:

Sorry for stealing your concept! :flushed:


Please only post substantial creations that users can provide meaningful feedback on.