"My Creations" Button miscolored

On the Develop page, the “My Creations” button is incorrectly colored. It happens every time I reload the page too. The bug started after the recent website update where they changed the button design.

Correction: Any selected menu option (My Creations, Group Creations, Library, and Developer Exchange) all become highlighted black upon selection.

Here’s a screenshot:


This is an issue with ROBLOX+, if you disable it, it fixes this issue. Just have to wait for ROBLOX+ to do an update to fix this. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Very weird

Mark ↑ as the solution, so staff doesn’t need to go through the thread.

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This was a bug in my extension as part of a new website theme I released yesterday. I fixed it last night, same thing for those white icons in the navigation bar. They’re black again in 2.2.75+

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