My creations of GFX

Hello everyone! I wanted to share my GFX creations I have made and would like to know what you think. I would like to thank @orangewarrior78 for teaching me this skill.



is this good?

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They all look super good and way better than I could ever do, however on some of them they stick out a bit from the picture, if that’s intentional I don’t know. It just doesn’t quite look like the character is in the actual picture.

I only have complaints about the 1st, 2nd and 4th:

  • 1st: The left leg limbs(spiderman’s view) are broken. They are separated from the body.
  • 2nd: The background is kinda spooky but the beam of light ruins it all cause it is like a heaven light(or maybe it is just me idk). And the person doesn’t really look that scared. Try posing him.
  • 4th: Again limbs are broken on the right leg(the character’s view).

Other than that, good job!

The GFX are good, but I have a few points:

  1. GFX have images taken from somewhere in the internet, you could make your own buildings to make your GFX, right?

  2. This GFX:

    are not very good compared to the others, although vice could make them all similar to example 1, right?

  3. Only in these

    shadows appear, none of the others appear, try to fix this, right?

The second render seems a bit dark, try adjusting some of your blender settings.

It is meant to be dark because of the theme.

I see, my mistake. Nice job. :shamrock: