My cursor is having a seizure when I hover it on solo mode

Ok, so I had this one issue with the Mouse sensitivity not working at all and I tried to turn it up several times. This is happening to me on Play mode and Studio mode. Moments later, I decided to test my game on studio and play it on solo mode. The first thing to happen is my mouse flickering into zigzag positions. And I tried to lower down the sensitivity and the game cursor stopped moving at all.
Not sure how the hell this is happening but when I hover it on the game screen on Play Solo it goes nuts. Why it does that? I don’t know, but my guess would be on turning up the mouse sensitivity on Play mode then going on studio mode, then go enter play solo mode and the bug starts to trigger like hell. The issue of the mouse sensitivity not working was yesterday, and the flickering mouse problem I just discovered it today.

Edit: I just found out the bug can be seen easily by just chaging the mouse sensitivity on Play Solo.