My Custom Rig's Animation doesn't play in the game, but plays in studio

I was following a scripting video to make a custom rig. I followed the steps for rigging and animated the rig. The walking animation does play in studio, but not in the game. I do not know what’s wrong but I found an error that might be the problem.

Here is are two videos that show my problem:
In studio:
In Game: robloxapp-20210915-0936142.wmv (1.4 MB)

You don’t have a PrimaryPart set for your character(if the error is the only thing causing the problem with the animation). The Model has a Property called PrimaryPart. This needs to be set to (usually) the HumanoidRootPart or whatever part is the PrimaryPart (hence the name lol), of your custom rig.

Video found on DevForum showing the way to achieve this with a Model.


Do you own the animation? If not, that’s why.

You can fix that by importing the animation and then saving it as your own, and setting the animation ID to yours.

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I set the primary part, but for some reason it still doesn’t work.
Here’s the game link to see for yourself: BlockWars RP - Roblox
This is the tutorial I used: CUSTOM CHARACTERS - How to create, rig and animate - YouTube

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Is there any other output errors? And the animation does have to be owned by you as stated above. As well, make sure to note that everything inside the rig for scripts is operating properly, as one may be stopping another.

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I do own the animation, there aren’t any errors.