My Decals are being strange

  • As I don’t know where I should put this and I don’t have the option to post this in Bug Reports, I’ll post it here.

Hello there! Recently I’ve noticed that some of my decals have some strange thumbnails in them, but when I put them in the studio, they seem to work perfectly. And these decals have a description with the word “madeinstudio” and I’ve never added descriptions.

  1. I would like to know how can I solve this, or why is this happening.

Here are some pictures of my issues:

As you can see, the thumbnails have some Avatar pictures.

  • Adding these decals in studio:


Any help is appreciated, Thanks :smiley:

  • if you need more information tell me and I’ll reply!
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This is just a common bug with decal displays in inventory. Roblox hasn’t fixed it. At this point it’s probably been out for a whole year.

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You’re not the only one who faced with this problem

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Ah! Thank you, I really just got scared lol. Thanks a lot

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Good to know, I thought it was only me