My developer product isn't displaying anymore?

Here’s the Product I created. I only have 1 product

However in Creator Dashboard, the dev product has a completely different ID

And when I click the dev product in creator dashboard, it redirects me to a page that can longer be found, and even the name of the product is different?

And no I’ve never created a donation shirt gamepass/dev product.

And then, when I look at my developer stats, I used to be able to see my dev product sales, but now I don’t see any developer product sales anymore.

And yes, people can still buy my gamepass. The gamepass is working and everything. But I don’t know if I’m even getting any robux from these sales because of this bug.


Replying to this post to confirm that I am also encountering a similar issue for one of my creations - its Developer Product Sales section claiming that there is no data: