My devforum notifications are coming in way too late

This has been happening to me throughout the entire day, where every notification comes in a lot later than their actual publication. As a result, I get chrome notification around 20 minutes after I have received and seen a message.

Edit: A lot longer than 20 minutes.

Posted: An hour ago
Notification: Nine minutes ago


I seem to be having issues with the forum too, I will go back a page, the site will load for an indefinite amount of time, and then the “The site is on read-only mode” label is displayed.

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I think it’s related to the read only mode stuff like GreatGuy mentioned. I get the same notifications sometimes when I return.

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Yup, I get that too.

@Kiansjet I don’t think the site is on read-only mode, although it shows the banner. I get to reply, post, and give likes. Every now and then when I try to do something, it prevents me, and says that the site is on read-only mode, but then lets me do the action right after I close the popup.

@Nightgaladeld Is there an active issue with the devforum?

Devforum is being oddly slow lately, took me an hour to load the website yesterday.

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I’ve noticed a few issues since the upgrade.

  1. Sometimes Profile Pictures just show up completely white for about 2 mins. (Moderate Appearance)
  2. Some Forum Posts take ages to load. (Rare) (2 - 5 Mins)
  3. General Browsing is just sluggish compared to before. (All the time)

Agreed agreed agreed.
I’m experiencing all of these.

I host a Discourse Install on a $10 Digital Ocean Droplet and my Discourse runs perfectly, I’m wondering what would be causing the forum to have loading issues.

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The forums have been running very slow today

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I’ve been experiencing this too, except it takes longer than an hour at times.

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Does the web dev team manage DevForum hosting? What kind of VPS are you guys hosting DevForum off of?

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Things appear to show up in Unread on time, just not our notif feeds.

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Anyone else getting notifs for month old threads?


Just noticed this,

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Discourse machine :b:roke

Intentional, that was me moving threads into Community Tutorials :slight_smile:

We’re going to look into those issues. Thanks for letting us know!

Adding on to this emails show up in spam. + Constant logging out has just started to happen for me in the past 3 hours.

Posts dates being out of order happens when a leader merges posts from one thread to another, so this is intentional.

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I got logged out of my devforum account and my Roblox account, but my devforum account logged out first. I changed my password and it kept happening so I assume my account was not compromised, since I do have 2-Step verification. Also just loading this forum post took at least a minute to load.