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About Me

Hello! I am HonestJar, an intermediate Lua scripter. I know all of the basics and some advanced concepts of Lua. I have been scripting on roblox for 3 months now.


Honest Bots: Honest Bots - Roblox
Tower of Troubling Tutorials: Tower Of Troubling Tutorials - Roblox


You can contact me by using discord, the devforum, or roblox. My discord is yotsuwuby#5461. I can help with scripting issues that fall in my field of knowledge, so please contact me if you have any problems!

Current Projects

Nothing so far!


Graduated baby~ Now I’m addicted to valorant. Gold 2 btw friend me at HonestJar#8922 hehehehe don’t know if I will get this post taken down now. Uh I mean I also do rowing. Its very hard don’t do it. I may try to become a professional scripter later when I get the time to. Goal: game with over 1 million visits and 1,000 likes.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: