My draft disappeared, after reopening studio it came back but as a deleted script and I cannot get rid of it


I was working on a module. I hit play and got an error in a “DraftReducers” script. After hitting stop and committing my module, I got the error “committed with dirty Outdated state”.

When I rejoined the team create place, the script was deleted and I can restore it, but the uncommitted “deleted” script is stuck in my drafts. I cannot discard it.

There is no simple repro that I could create, but below I have more details of what happened:


After working on a script, I hit play to test it and got the error below in some of my scripts.

  12:49:11.161  builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.Src.Reducers.DraftsReducer:58: Attempt to modify uninitialized state for draft 'AgeStats'  -  Studio
  12:49:11.162  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  12:49:11.162  Script 'builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.Src.Reducers.DraftsReducer', Line 58  -  Studio
  12:49:11.162  Script 'builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.Packages.package_index.Rodux-4f44c5b7b8ca-79f6c38c7ef6.packages.Rodux.createReducer', Line 10  -  Studio
  12:49:11.162  Script 'builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.Packages.package_index.Rodux-4f44c5b7b8ca-79f6c38c7ef6.packages.Rodux.combineReducers', Line 15  -  Studio
  12:49:11.162  Script 'builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.Packages.package_index.Rodux-4f44c5b7b8ca-79f6c38c7ef6.packages.Rodux.Store', Line 89 - function dispatch  -  Studio
  12:49:11.162  Script 'builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.TestRunner.main', Line 140 - function handleStatus  -  Studio
  12:49:11.162  Script 'builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.TestRunner.main', Line 161 - function draftInit  -  Studio
  12:49:11.162  Script 'builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.TestRunner.main', Line 183  -  Studio
  12:49:11.162  Stack End  -  Studio

After committing a specific module, somehow the code got wiped and the module was reset. I thought I lost progress.

It turns out that when I rejoined my team create place, the module script was deleted somehow. However, when I try to restore the script, it creates a copy of it but does not remove the deleted draft in the list. Whenever I try to delete the draft, it does not work so now I have a ghost script stuck in my drafts.

I was unable to create a minimal repro, but it started today and seems to be happening consistently in my game with the latest module that I wrote. I was getting this error when trying to commit the draft before restarting studio:

  15:29:28.523  builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.TestRunner.main:144: Draft 'StarterPlayer.StarterPlayerScripts.GuiComponents.LevelUpCode.AgeUpNotification' was committed with dirty Outdated state  -  Studio
  15:29:28.523  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  15:29:28.523  Script 'builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.TestRunner.main', Line 144 - function handleStatus  -  Studio
  15:29:28.523  Script 'builtin_DraftsWidget.rbxm.DraftsWidget.TestRunner.main', Line 215  -  Studio
  15:29:28.523  Stack End  -  Studio


Place where this is occuring:

Someone else has reported this, just not as a studio bug: What is this error

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Can you zip up the contents of %localappdata%\Roblox\Sandbox\6025486226\21748114 + your logs (details in How to post a Bug Report) and DM them to the bug files group?


@Myzta, to fix the issue with the draft you cannot delete, you can use the following workaround:

Cleanup whole Drafts content:
- commit all drafts you care about
- close the Studio
- remove %localappdata%\Roblox\Sandbox\6025486226\21748114 completely, this will effectively remove all remaining drafts, so be sure everything you need is committed!
- you are done, restart the Studio