My Drawings needed Feedbacks

My Drawings
write your feedbacks i will draw yours!


It’s ok. I think you’re limited by the software you’re using. I would guess you’re using google drawings, which is not good whatsoever. A better software would be pixlr or If you’re going to be doing more with drawing, investing in Adobe Illustrator is going to be your best option. Pixlr and are free. Pixlr is in browser, requires a download. Photopea might be good but I think it’s mostly for photoediting.


I don’t know, seems like a really simple drawing. But, I’m not in the place to judge because I don’t draw. I mostly do GFX, so yea. I mean, it’s simple and creative!


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The shapes are kind of weird, theres not much detail, and they should be in more interesting poses than an idle, in #2 maybe have his arms up because he’s excited. His mouth is very triangular in that, and his eyes are weirdly shaped. #1’s mouth is just a bit of a circle, which is what makes it strange.

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Pretty decent, but maybe add more details on shirt.