My entire roblox client (studio + app) is bugging so hard

Hey. Im just gonna cut to the chase and list whats happening

  1. studio wont load big games that it used to load
  2. trying to join games on app sometimes results in getting kicked to connection errors
  3. stuck in loading screen on app
  4. when a miracle happens and i playtest a game on studio, nothing loads (scripts, map, etc.).
  5. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling roblox studio + app, and that has done nothing.
  6. i did a speed test, and my speed is above 800mb, which i think should work that was satire just in case your slow
  7. i can play other games like fortnite on their servers without any issue.

edit: other people are having this issue, Roblox down? Current outages and problems | Downdetector

if this is happening/has happened to someone else help me out here :sob:

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Streamer also have problems with playing games