My experience has seen consistent crashing for over 3 days - Potential DDoS on Roblox?

Since May 30th, 2023,

My experience has seen its servers disconnect all players repeatedly. Once booted, you are displayed with (Error Code: 277) on your screen. My development partner and I are looking into it right now, but we have not been able to identify what exactly the issue is. Unfortunately, my experience is no stranger to this level of crashing. These crashes occur in my experience every now and then with most of them ending after just a few hours. The only thing with this one is that it is rendering my experience practically unplayable. For reference, my experience was averaging 200-300 players prior to crashing.

Evidence of crashing:


Through multiple reviews of our codebase, these crashes are not related to remote event vulnerabilities that may be affecting other experiences. Upon entering the experience, not even a minute in and all players that joined were disconnected.

After taking a closer look at the dev panel, we’re concerned that we may be facing a potential DDoS attack. There’s an unusually high amount of untracked memory in the public servers that are not found in the free VIP servers. Yes, we tested this with some players in a VIP server and still found no issues. Look at the total data (KB/s) towards the end of both of the videos posted below. We’ve seen this number hit as high as 21,000 KB/s!

The first video was taken in a public server:

The second video was taken in a private VIP server:

I’ll end this off by saying I did the best I could to put this message in the right category this time since this topic was flagged previously. I’m not on devforums much and it didn’t give me anything specific as far as experience crashing is concerned.

For more information:

My username on Roblox: @SoulJem
My development partner on Roblox: @germansheperdfan123
My experience on Roblox: Club Iris
The experiences group: Infamous Productions

Any assistance with this unfortunate circumstance would be highly appreciated! Thank you to all who took the time to read through this topic! :smiley:


Hopefully admins see this post and can maybe do something about it if it really is a DDoS attack. A possible way to detect it is to use memory spikes or something on a client and see if its over a suspicious amount. Anti-Cheat isn’t my strong suit, but if you do encounter the DDoSers, maybe confront them and try to reason with them and ask why they are doing it. Maybe they dont like something about your game? Is it controversal in any way? Once again, not my strong suit, but it seems logical to do.

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I used to have an old game that had would crash because of an exploiter. My method of solving it is to add limits aka delays to certain remote events/functions that take up important processes such as http, datastore and others as an exploiter can easily make a script to constantly spam these events until the server crashes.

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If its still happening even when nobody is in game, it could be a more serious issue or a roblox server issue.

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