"My Experiences" section on the Xbox Discover page ignores your profile preferences and only shows "Public" experiences, even those not on Xbox

In the “My Experiences” section on the Xbox Discover page, all of the preferences are basically ignored so to speak.

In case this section was meant to use the profile preferences, my profile preferences don’t seem reflected on this game sort either.

The creator dashboard, for reference, shows I have 3 experiences, 2 which are private.

The creator dashboard clearly states that Console is turned off, of course this doesn’t matter since it is the developer’s own games that show up on there, but I just wanted to make it clear just in case it is not intentional.

Although with all this, the “My Experiences” sort only shows my Active games, which is this…

This forces any testing on Xbox to have the game’s access turned to public, which is not always an option some are willing to take.

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Thanks for alerting us to this issue. Was this a recent change or has it been this way for you for a while? This looks like a considerable developer UX issue for Xbox and we will try to address it.

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It has been a while that this has been happening, unfortunately I don’t have a rough idea of when it started though. I remember this issue happening as far as April 2023 but I think I had this going on even earlier.

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Thank you for the info, it seems like this may have been happening for a while. We will try to get it resolved soon!


This is no longer an issue as Roblox’s new console refresh does not have this feature anymore…

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