My favorite work

Hello everyone! I did this job on request a month ago. I collaborated with one popular guy, who works with YouTubers and another popular people. His name is HF’Ocka, he lives in Russia.


that looks VERY good. Almost life-like in a sense. Amazing work!

Agreed! Looks very good, great job @gam0900!

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Thank you so much for the feedback!:heart:

I have another beautiful work, but it’s still a work in progress. Thanks for the feedback!:sunglasses:

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nicee!! this would make a dope thumbnail for a game or for anything. keep up the good work dude

how man
(this is a really cool sentence which makes it so i can just type how man because of the dumb limit which imo should be like 5 characters or something small)

This looks very good and realistic with the colors and lighting! Nice job on this!

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This is a brilliant piece of GFX. In fact, “brilliant” is an understatement; it is incredibly realistic, far beyond anything I could create.

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