My first 3d animated roblox "movie"

Time took to render: about 60 minutes
Time took to make: about 60 minutes (while learning how to move around in blender and stuff)

Totally forgot about lighting lol
Second ever blender 3d animation



what did i just watch,

because that was amazing


ahah that’s great! Good job! :smiley:

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oh my god that was so funny, this reminds me of the animated minecraft animation. Great job lol.

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This was amazing. It made me giggle a bit

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I’m just a wee bit confused lol

This is pretty good for your first animation. You nailed the camera movement. It is very smooth.

The shower bit made me giggle lol

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I really liked this animation, reminded me of a surreal entertainment video with the movement!


Your character move smoothly, good job !
But i think you should spend more time on lighting too

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The scene was lit while I was making it but apparently that doesn’t transfer lol