My First 3D Text Logo!

Hey there! I just recently started making logos! I am trying to improve and this is my first ever proper 3D Logo. I want honest and critical feedback so I can improve faster. On top of that I would like to start commissions soon after I have some more practice under my belt. How much should I charge. Thanks!


Very cool! Maybe add a palm tree behind the “Beach” text?

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Would probably make the “BEACH” color a bit more vibrant, other than that it’s solid.

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People can steal it easily, Add a Watermark & It looks really cool You should put an umbrella…

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Text effects are nice. If your planning on going for more realistic l suggest shading the 3D part, and getting rid of the stroke. If you want a more cartoony look the logo is fine how it is now. You should also try to start adding vectors to make it more lovey. Nice logo overall.