My first 3D Text

So, I have just made my first 3d text from photoshop, & please give me some honest feedback on how I did because I think I did a pretty bad job but tell me what you think


The lighting and outlines could be a bit better, but other then that it’s alright.

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I see you have put some effort in this. I recommend also using blender for those or playing around with the bevel.

That’s not bad for your first 3d text. I suggest you use blender for 3d text. (Like what DAVALEX77 said)

Its nice the shadows are bit bad
i recommend using adobe illustrator
its great at making text and vector arts

Hello @SocialDesign , your 3D text looks cool, but it is in the smooth shadow style and smooth light, most people (like me) think that this type is one of the worst types, because it’s strange, but your text is a bit different, i kinda like it, but i would make something more realistic, but everyone has different opinions! and this is my opinion, have a nice day, peace. :wink:


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The lighting is a bit too high and can be a bit hard to read, I would say to lower down the lighting and you would be good to go.