My first actual game (obby)

Hello everyone! This is my first project that I actually released to the public, however have lost motivation due to me starting development on a completely new game. I just wanted to get everyone’s feedback on the game and decide whether I should put more robux into advertising the game or if I should completely give up on it.

Jeff’s Difficulty Chart Obby - Roblox

Also feel free to report any bugs and I’ll try and fix them.

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It is an obby alright but to you what makes your obby different from others?

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I don’t recommend you putting money into something that already exists in large quantities. If you search up difficulty chart, or obbies in general then you see yourself competing. What is the point in competing against something you won’t win over. Obbies have existed for 10+ years so they’re not new. The idea isn’t different nor unique so find some different idea.

Don’t find this as a demotivation to give up on development but you can achieve any goals you desire. This is just a disapproval from developers and many developers may agree putting investments into something that is just old and popular isn’t going to work out. Obby are very simple to make and takes free models then publish for profit

I understand that obbies are pretty unoriginal, however the only reason I did an obby was because I was pretty new at scripting (at the time i had like 3 months worth of experience), so I decided that I had to start somewhere. I didn’t expect anyone to be amazed with the game idea, I just wanted to showcase what I learned in terms of scripting while I was making this game.

The anticheat kicked me from the game after I slid down the slide in the easy section. Personally, I think you shouldn’t be kicking people immediately if you notice that they’re moving strangely; you should just teleport them back a little bit to counteract the unusual increase in movement speed.

Whoops! My mistake probably thought you were flying. I probably should remove the anticheat since it is pretty bad.