My first actual GFX with Blender

Here is my first GFX using Blender and I used pixlr to edit it. Please give me feedback on how to improve! :slight_smile:


Very Cool! I like how the brightness is bright and vibrant!

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Very nice! All I have to say feedback-wise is that the lighting is a litttle too bright. Keep the good work :+1:

It looks nice! Although I would make the background design busier, as it seems a little blank in certain parts (Mostly in the top right corner.) I would also say the character looks very hunched, and the lighting is pretty bright. I would also suggest that you use a rig instead of just posing each individual roblox lego appendage seperatley in object mode.
Other than that, solid GFX! :cowboy_hat_face: :+1:

Tip: Don’t use pixlr to edit and opt for programs like Photoshop, Or Medibang/ Firealpaca.

The lighting is too sharp and makes the character look very white. It doesn’t come across as happy light, just light trying to pierce my eyes and rip them out.

For your first, it looks awesome the things that you’ll need to improve on is lighting and background everything else is fabulous.

Not bad, but next time use cycles render to make the lighting look better.

Light is pretty bright, but that pretty good :smiley:

Also I just realized the head isn’t on straight. Is it parented to the body in Blender?

I am not sure what you mean it is just tilted a bit.

Like the head looks like its dislocated and on the left shoulder

To me it looks like it’s on, I see what you mean though. It’s just the angle.

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I really like this and it looks cool.

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The brightness should be brought way down in my opinion it’s a bit glaring

This is really awesome, though might I recommend, start using a rig, shouldn’t be hard to set up and makes a world of difference!

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