My first admin system, Coroutine

Recently, I was really into making admin systems.
I decided to make and work on my own, so, I made Coroutine.
I’m still fairly learning how modules actually work so, yeah, I tried my best on it.

Coroutine has a simple cryphography system to make sure people you don’t want to have admin won’t be able to access any of Coroutine’s commands so, don’t worry about that.
I do plan to make it open sourced soon, but for now I gotta make sure it’s actually usable.

I didn’t add any commands in the command list for now but I will list them here in this post.

If you have any ideas or feed back, please tell me, I’ll try my best to improve this.


  1. Get the model
  2. Place it on workspace
  3. Remove the thumbnail part if you want to

The prefix is dot, “.”

The rest of the important information is in the script called “Loader”, you MUST read it to understand how everything works and how to set up other admins properly

The current formating of the commands is:
[command] [user] [number or id, or string, or etc.]

Current Commands (That work from what I know)

  • Ban (I haven’t actually tested it yet lol)
  • Clone
  • ClearClone
  • EpicExplosion
  • Explode
  • Face
  • FireInTheHole
  • Fling
  • Freeze
  • God
  • Gravity
  • HyperFling
  • Impersonate
  • Implode
  • Insert
  • Jail
  • JumpPower
  • Kick
  • Kill
  • Pants
  • Particles
  • Refresh
  • Shirt
  • Shutdown
  • Size
  • Sound
  • Sparkles
  • Speed
  • Spin
  • SuperFling
  • Theme (It’s like sound, but it’s looped)
  • UnBan (Haven’t tested)
  • UnEpicExplosion
  • UnFreeze
  • UnJail
  • UnParticles
  • UnSparkles
  • UnTheme
  • UnSpin

If you have any command ideas let me know, I’ll try to implement those too!


You’re aware that coroutine is the name of a global variable?

coroutine | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

What’s this do? :thinking:


Yeah, I’m very aware of that name, that’s exactly why I picked it, because it’s as random as it gets. As for that command, its exactly what the name says. It’s fire in the hole


put this into community resources quick! roblox gonna strike u down until u can’t breathe!


It’s a great system! I haven’t installed it yet, but I will soon.

I do, however, have some command suggestions and since you asked for em, I will list them below.


Aswell as other commands which I would probably rather send it to you through messages, but this looks very great overall.


I have a few command ideas!

Obviously the command only works if you’re an admin right?

I got this error

Downloading asset failed for asset id 16862213326.  Is the asset id correct and is the asset type "Model"?
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Me too. Very interesting error

Thats because the actual module is private.

Then how are you supposed to use it? I mean wow.

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Can’t until the publisher makes it public.

Then why does this post exist if the admin doesn’t work?

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Maybe Someguy forgot to make it public, maybe Someguy made a mistake when coding it.

Yea im dumb lol, dont worry, when I get my pc back ill fix it.