My first art of someone's character

what should i add, i think this is too cringy :flushed::flushed::flushed:

please don’t bully me, it is my first art with a pen

i dont want to give a watermark but ask @dikyar9

it is spoiled milk


Hello there,
First of all, it is beautiful for the first drawing. The thing that catches my eye is the eyes and hands. Because there are too many scratches on the hands. Its hair is beautiful.

Moreover, there are rules here that nobody can bully anyone.Official roblox rules


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The hand and the eyes look pretty weird. You could add some more coloring.


about the coloring… i like white and black more

A little more color would be nice, I think.

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I think just coloring the hair blonde with look nice, but if you don’t want to then that’s fine.

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i wanted to draw loominatrx’s character at the first, i know he uses black and white clothings

Don’t forget to sign the pictures.

If they share your picture, they can complain about you.

what do you mean a “sign”?

An article about what you did. (Sign like a painter on the side of the picture [You can write your name])

like a watermark??

Yes,I apologize for my english :frowning:

The watermark indicates that the work belongs to you. Everything that is done here, good bad, ugly and beautiful, belongs to the developer. If someone takes your picture without permission and creates their own watermark on it, it may make you look like a criminal. So watermark is important.

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ok, hands and eyes are kinda hard, I would give him leeway about it XD

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