My First Blender 3D Model

I’ve started to learn how to use blender here is my first 3d model (In blender)


I love it! :hearts:
I’m amazed that this is your first model!


Well it’s my first blender model but thanks I’ll be posting more stuff in roblox studio

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Well this is a good first blender 3D model. Keep learning.

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This is a good model for your first! If you want to export it into Roblox you might wanna export the helicopter body first then export the windows to make them transparent. If you are putting different textures you have to export each texture group seperately.

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Good work and Impressive first model. I would do modeling but my computer can’t handle it.


It’s amazing! Can’t believe you can already do such a good 3D model. Continue like this!

Looks good, but by helicopter-logic the tail rotor is missing. They’re… kind of important.

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Love it! I’d love to learn to use blender, just don’t really have time…

haha helicopter go brrr.
anyways not going to lie it looks really good, keep up the good work.

For your first model its a good start! I like the low poly helicopter look you seem to going for. Id suggest improving the design of the wings and maybe making the helicopter bigger overall.