My first blender builds

Hi! I started working with blender a month ago and made a few assets.
I would really like some feedback on them. Also, do tell me what can I improve. :slightly_smiling_face:

These assets are made by learning from a tuttorial


Thanks for reading, have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:


The tree is looking great, but it has a large amount of leaves but has thin wood. So, maybe make the wood a little bit thick. Also, I don’t know what the first asset is. Would you describe me that?

Looks nice, the leaves need a texture though.

And 1-2 more branches would improve the look as well.

Very cool for your first blender build. Only feedback I can provide is the tree looks heavy with the leaves, so maybe make the trunk thicker? Other than that, very nice.

Looks Great! I would have to agree with @HASNPLAYZ that there too many leaves. Other than that, both look really good!
Have a great Day! :smile:

It looks like a good start for a low poly build Looks great, it would look better if you added some texture to it, for the tree I would add some branches to the trees and maybe have a brighter green color on the leaves.

As for my feedback I’ll suggest you to change the scale of the leaves and the form of it in general, so like each leaf looks unique and not as identical as all the other ones, you’ve created so you can make the tree have some more detail to it my small suggestion to make it even better I think you should try making a variety of foliage on the tree, so it doesn’t look like you copied and pasted the same leaves onto the tree making it look repetitive. Maybe try resizing and rotating the leaves different angles to look more better in my opinion.

Something in this image below could give you a better idea of what I’m talking about. Great job since this is your first creation in blender.


Leaves looks WAY too big, above me has a great feedback way!

Thx for the feddback. I will improve the tree. And the first asset is a treasure chest.

I will make the trunk thicker and the leaves a little bit less. Thanks for the feedback guys