My first blender creation (feedback)

Hi gamers, I decided to make my first blender creation. This could have been the worst mistake ever. I was lost but somehow pulled through. I present to you, the sword in a stand.

I’m just happy its over with. What do you guys think of it?


It’s kinda hard to tell if this is a sword or not, but since this your first blender model I think it could use a bit of work, just try making the guard not to large and big I’ll re-size it and make it a bit smaller.

I think it looks nice for a first model! Although it is not as detailed as some of the swords that are created in blender, try using some techniques in blender. I also recommend you to add some texture or color to it instead of having the whole sword one color, add more details and actual shapes to it. The handle doesn’t really fit with the sword in my opinion and it is kinda plain if you know what I mean.

I definitely suggest you try following some reference images while trying to make models for your very first time. As by looking at your sword, you can add many details to the blade and the whole model that can improve the overall look of the sword.

Other than that I’ll keep learning and practicing. What kind of design are you trying to make?


I do believe that this needs a lot of work, all will come with time however (had you not told me a sword I wouldnt have known what it was lol). I would recommend making the sword out of a single object and not joining (if you did). Also take up tutorials, I believe that the YouTuber Grant Abbitt has some good step by step tutorials on low poly models, which will help you learn how to use tools to make your model look a lot better.


To me in my perspective if i was just giving no context on what this was supposed to be than I wouldn’t really know what this model was. Right now if im looking at it correctly i can kinda see that it resembles a sword.


  • i guess some feedback would be make the guard a bit less thicker and make the swords blade more thinner but longer on the sides horizontally
  • Some helpful stuff you could do is look at some picture to have a reference image or learn some basic tools like Extrude,Bevel,Edit mode,ect basic stuff like that would be very helpful!

If this was your first model than your next model would be 5 TIMES AS GREAT! after these helpful feedback were providing for you!
reply back if you want more tips an tricks on how to model in blender :+1:


Thanks for the feedback! I had no idea what I was doing. I’m just happy I made a blender creation in the first place.

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As I can see, It doesnt look like a sword to me. But because it’s your first blender creation, it is okay for being your first creation in blender, It does look like you could make this in roblox studio tho without doing it in blender, Maybe add more textures.

How do you add textures? I only know how to use the basics and export and import.

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