My First Build (New)

Hello everyone, my name is Armando, I am a new developer-builder, I would like to show you my first building, only the foundation is made and I would like your assessment and your ideas, there are many different imperfections in this building, but every time I will improve it … And soon there will be a roof and the same classes.


I suggest having the windows be aligned

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Where exactly, throw screenshots so that I know

Looks really good for your first game, but I suggest you play around with the materials and colors instead of doing everything red. You can also add some stuff in the school and change the baseplate to a grass material and color.

There are many tutorials on Youtube on how to build much stuff you may not know how to build on your first few days being a builder example trees, roofs, etc.

Other than that, good luck!


Please add pictures of the object next time!


Okay, i coming soon fixed object and added frist classes

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Looks alright for now! Maybe make the spawn invisible. And INSIDe school! But everything else is really good keep it up!

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Coming Soon Fixed Objects and added first classes :wink:

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COol and GOOD B) hope it goes well


New Update:
Added Fence and Brush.
Added Road.
Added Path School
School (Alpha 1) - Roblox

It’s amazing for a first build but here’s some things I’d do to improve it! Again these things are all in my opinion and don’t take offense for it.

  • Anchor The Fence(s),
  • Finish the back of the school, (lol)
  • Make the ground grass,
  • and if I were you I would remove the music.

That’s it. But great build!

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Firstly, it was written from above that the school was in the construction process, and secondly, I was stupid that I forgot anchored all objects.(oops xd)

Okay, I’ll remove the music