My first build!

Hello everyone, as you may know I’m a UI designer and this is my first build, without free models!

This is my first build it’s not really good lol. Please do leave some feedback on the buildings.


Looks nice for a first build but people normally use black when they want a realistic sort of feel, if that’s what you want I would recommend experimenting with 2 materials called brick and slate small things make big differences, also maybe instead of making the windows bright make them have like 0.8 reflectance and 0.5 transparency, also if you want a realistic touch I recommend lining up the window frames perfectly.

The passage above is if you want a realistic feel read this for low poly:
COLOR COLOR COLOR also use smooth plastic or plastic on pretty much everything in the picture also tone down the brightness.

Hope that helped


Thanks for your feedback! I was testing with f3x and studio.

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