My first building in Blender

Recently, I am learning blender to make models for games.I just made my first model in blender.Is this good? Give me some advices and tips and tricks to help me improve my building skills.Here are some screenshots I have taken just now.


In my opinion, it’s really good as your first build on blender.

You should maybe add coloring to the stairs and see how it looks like

Overall, awesome job keep up the great work.


thnx for the tip and your inspiration .! :smiley:

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It looks great! How long did it take to make?

Looks quite good!
Imo, you should add some sort of overhanging roof as it seems bare at the moment.

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This is an amazing build! I like the pillars you added onto the house as well! Gives it depth! Here’s a cookie for your hard work! :cookie:


Ok.! Thnx for your opinion .I will try to add them later.

This was my first time modelling a low poly house in Blender.So it took me 1.5 to 2 hours.But If I practice more and more, I can make this model in short time

Really great work for your first building. Nice job!

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