My first building project

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Now, I’m a newly formed developer and perhaps will be using the dev forum more often to gather feedback, get better knowledge. Past 2 weeks I’ve been working hard on understanding further on Lua scripting. Now scripting seems to be not an issue but sadly, my building needs a ton of work.

However, I’ve been quite pleased of this recent small project I have made, it’s not a game I’m making, it’s more of a showcase from everything I learnt within 2 days.

I’m wondering for any opinions, any tips on how to improve, this was all stud measurements and not a free hand.

This weekend I’m hoping to start making a gaming project. So mastering building is something I trying to consider learning more of.

The building below is a school that I have made, suggested to build from a friend.


I mean it looks pretty good for a beginner build. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do something like this! The colour scheme is pretty bland even though I know you were trying to replicate the style of modern buildings which are mostly grey and white. In my opinion I like the colours but try to add some rainbow to contrast a bit from the grey and white

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You should add props on this side like trash cans, lantern poles etc.

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