My first Cartoon Profile Picture

Hello there! This is my first cartoon profile picture ever. I’d like some feedback on it, so I know how to improve. Thanks :smiley:



here are just some things i noticed:

  • the face isn’t symmetrical (blush & eyes are crooked)
  • the little red dots/lines on the frag hat are very small and hard to tell what they are
  • even cartoony characters don’t need to have super thick line art and if they do, you can always change the thickness of the line art in other places (such as the frag hat as i mentioned above)
  • the line art of the hair falling being the shoulders isn’t symmetrical either (at least i don’t think so)
  • the little piece of skin showing at the top of the shirt isn’t necessary since there’s no neck visible so it looks off
  • background should either be a different color or slightly lighter/darker for more contrast

but overall, it’s pretty good for your first time! (another suggestion is to either use text or just make your watermark/signature cleaner and easier to read as it looks a little sloppy and rushed)