My first (character) render, feedback?

Hi, today I have made my first (character) render in blender, and I would like to get some feedback!

(The motion blur was created with photoshop)


Impressive first character render!

I suggest you rig the characters so the poses aren’t as stiff and you can have full control over the limbs.

Dramatize the camera angle for a more visually appealing render. maybe have the character being chased face the camera. Reference;

Add more detail to the scene like textures, cars, trashcans, etc.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the feedback! I’m definitely going to try everything you said :slight_smile:

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Looks good for newbies, I think you could have made it slightly dark but amazing


To make the people less stiff import an r15 character.

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Ah oke, I’ll try that! Thank you

One thing I can recommend you to follow is this guide that I made for beginners doing GFX.

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The background look’s rather bland it’s a start to something but most of the details around seems rushed and empty. You can add more people into the background or include more proper details rather then just including a character running from a character perhaps change the character into a zombie or other preform creatures. Even adding little details can define a more better quality for the image.

Try making it more bright and experimenting with little sources to have a more improved scene.

If your wanting the colors to pop more or the scene as a hole include a lighting feature or experiment into adding (HDRI) if your wanting to add better lighting to the render. The shadows casting look interesting and weird liking as it’s casting both shadows on each side. There is still space for improvements.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

If it’s your first one , it’s more than normal and precious for you.

Good work :fire:

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I find it really good for a first time ngl.

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