My first "complete" project

Okay so i made this a little bit ago after being really discouraged from some other projects i thought i could do but gave up on. I ended up trying this type of game out which i think has been made a couple of times already but i thought why not.

i learned a lot from it, like especially module scripts, a round system, a shop system, stuff like that, so it was worth it even if it sucks.

i think its my first finished actual like kinda half decent project, so dont expect much (the icons are clearly very promising, i know.)
anyways idk here give feedback and remember its gonna suck (it barely works bro i barely managed to finish it with the motivation i had left)

ok thanks sorry for the monstrosity


looks good, the map is maybe a little tiny though


theres a random part in the sky, I dont like how the map voting uses parts and not ui, you cant really see the parts dissapear (fix with tweenService). Good concept, just needs more ui implemented and the use of tweens. Also while playing, I dont like the fact the shop stops you from moving. Maybe try to make the shop close if i move far enough away or stop touching the shop part button thingy.


most of these were stuff that i was gonna fix once i got the main framework figured out (esp the shop) and ill get to if i keep working on it.

i never really thought of this for some reason, but this is a good idea and ill probably implement it. thank you for the feedback

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by this do you mean that the map should just be scaled up or that there should be more added?

Not scaled up but widened, it just feels very narrow. Especially with more than one person everyone would just eat through floors so fast that the skill component of efficiently staying on higher floors is almost completely removed. Might just be my impression though.

ok yeah ill have to look at that, i made most of them pretty small just cuz i know im not gonna have many players rn if ever, but theres also a chance you played on the smallest map which the round lasts like a full second.
thank youu