My First Crystal Cave, any feedback on it?

"What are you working on currently?" Aquatica, a ocean project of mine. not done yet

so i made a post for crystal vote and feedback at:Which one should i use and any feedback?

my cave now (result):
Screenshot 2021-12-26 204217

if u want to play:


Hello, I am here to give you my feedback about your first crystal cave.
First up, if you want to make a crystal that glowed, make sure you put “point light” on each and every crystal so that the cave can be seen clearly.
Secondly, the Inside of the cave is much more than just crystals, I suggest that you put more things inside your cave-like spider web or dead root tree.
lastly, make your crystal a little bit different from other crystals so that it looks natural.

so that is my feedback.

Yeah its good start but you def need more decorations? is it underwater? Cos i made this ages ago and didnt end up using. It might be useful in your build. Dont place too many tho because it is animated.

yes it is underwater so ill probably use it but not animated

about the point light, i actually did put one on all of em