My first Drawing :D

Hi friends, the first time I drew something and I wanted you to appreciate my work, do not judge strictly the first time I drew, I am not a very experienced artist, well, I just wanted to try it.
I was very attracted to draw, I will later make another topic where it will be even more beautifully drawn.


Clearly, no one likes drawing in vain. ):

It’s not bad dude. I would recommend you to use paint tool sai, though I don’t use it, but I think it’s good.


Woah there, don’t think like that! People do like your work! Just because you didn’t get a reply in an hour doesn’t mean no one likes it.

I’ve once never got a reply in 4 months. :four:.

I’m sure people can agree that your drawing is not bad at all. 4 people have liked your post already.




Anyways, do you want feedback? I can give you some:

  • There are strange orange bands on the top of the legs, maybe consider moving them down or removing them? They outline the transition between body and leg, and frankly, that’s weird.

  • The legs and body should meld together.
    As an example:
    Steven has his legs and body flow in a straight line. Notice how his legs do not taper off, but instead connect with the body in a straight line. Not creating a triangle. It goes from larger at the base to smaller at the toes. See the girls below.

  • One of the arms appear to be smaller at the base and larger at the end. This is, again, wrong. Same thing with the legs, remember? It tapers off. It should be larger at the base and smaller at the fingers.

  • Next: The hair appears to just exist… behind the head? Try adding hair to the sides and adding bangs. Look again at Steven. Or see the girls below.

  • The clothes seem to be… part of the character themself. Make the clothes extend out a bit further than they actually are. Steven does not follow this rule but these girls from Nichijou do:

  • Next up: you outlined the mask, but not anything else. It looks odd that way. Consider outlining everything, see the two images above for a reference.

  • Yellow, orange and green… do not taste good on the palate. Consider changing the color, unless you have a particular character you’re aiming for. Speaking of which:

Can you give us an idea of what you are aiming for? A reference of sorts? It would really help.
Anyways, don’t give up! And stay safe. (b˙◁˙ )b


Didn’t he say not to judge strictly?

Oh well, that is a great first drawing. You should keep up the work, improving every time. Good luck!

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Nice job!
Keep up the good work!
You will become one of the biggest Roblox Artists one day!

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I used the Sketchbook, for the first time you were even worse, I just didn’t post it, and this is a better view than my old ones.

Thanks for the nice words, now I have more motivation

Yes, thanks dude, I’ll try as it will, thanks for the good motivation, I will improvise.

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I love it! The cartoonish look I like.

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Thanks, yeah I love that style too …