My first ever build in Roblox Studio (Feedback needed)

Hello there,

So I’ve recently found a interesting topic on Roblox and that is building. On so far I enjoy it and you can make your own imaginations come in the live with buildings/maps on so I know. So I have created one of my first buildings on Roblox Studio and it is a low-poly shop kind of. Any feedback and ratings for this would be appreciated and could help me in the future. (It did take me quite a while though to make this, any tips on how I could improve my building speed would also be appreciated)

The building:

The reference:


Damn, I would say you’re better than 70% of Roblox builders on the platform. That’s pretty impressive for a first build, and even more impressive to use meshes for a first build. However, I would suggest making the window light color two different colors. In the front, it looks yellow, but when looking at the side, it’s cyan. My suggestion for this is to make the cyan side windows yellow to match the color of the first floor since it doesn’t make sense for a floor to have two different light colors happening at the same time.


Wow! You are very good at this, Very good job!

For a first build its really good!
The front is bright yellow to indicate its interactable, however its a flashbang of a yellow and same with the windows. Make those two colours darker as neon very quickly over powers any build

On both the front and back of the build you have these very thin beams
I’d highly suggest making them a bit thicker as the contrast of all the very thick beams right next to a very skinny one makes it not flow together

Your roof tiles are very flat on the roof which makes the whole roof end up looking flatter, extrude them outward a little

The thick support beams on the corners should come out more so they arent so flat into the walls beside them, to give it lots of dimension.

The goal is to have it look less like a box

Hope this helped!


Thank you for the suggestions.

Looks amazing! You’ve done a pretty good job at recreating the reference house.

As others have said, the windows are a bit bright.
Neon glow can be reduced by using different shades of yellow and blue. Some colours of Parts that are Neon actually glow very little.

My big issues are architectural, but I realize you’re copying another building so these would be issues I have with the original as well.

  • if you follow the chimney down into the house (where the fireplace would be on the first floor) you have a window in that area.
  • the thin beams are too thin as others have mentioned.
  • the front windows pass right through the vertical support beam. IRL that beam would support the roof’s weight.

This build looks good! Nice job on it!


Hello there! My name is Tom and I am a developer: overall let me share my feedback with you and what you should change.

Overall, as a first time taking interest into building a low poly, you have done an incredible job but keep in mind that you can always improve your style.

You have done an amazing job with the meshes and everything. The only wrong thing here is the design of the low poly building which looks extremely ugly and doesn’t give anything. For example, the wooden parts at the front and back don’t make any sense and just make it even uglier. It is no need to overdo things.

I am pretty sure, you can work and get better designs but don’t let down. Keep working hard for it, eventually one day you will get it right.

I hope this helped!!

Thanks for the feedback, I do want to note that I only used the “part” in Roblox itself. No outside meshes

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Your very welcome. Keep up with the good work. :slight_smile:

you’re going places if this is your first build man. great job, my first build was a couple of walls with some free model Lava :laughing: