My first ever built showcase (LightHouse)

Here are some photos of it. It took me 36 hours making it. I accept all kind of feedback
Here is the place if you would like to enter LightHouse (Showcase) - Roblox


I didn’t take photos from the inside because it is to tiny and can’t take a good quality photos


it looks good but if you wanna make it more realistic, add a rotation attachment with a light beam. it would look really cool


Thank you very much. For my next creation im going to do that :slight_smile:

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I’m new at roblox studio but i think if you do that game will be better
1- Change lightning to Future
2- set time night (if you want)
3- Change textures (Default textures look bad)
4- Add Sunrays, color correction, bloom and sky
5- Water transperency to 0.8


Pretty cool lighthouse! I’d suggest trying it in low poly, maybe. Either that or change the textures and add a realism mod inside of the game. (I promise it’d look so good!) but other than that good job!

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with rain and lightning maybe add some boat noises

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The overall appearance of your lighthouse looks very settling, to spice up the scene a bit you could at least throw a few objects around the area perhaps a boat or other elements that fits your designs. If you want, you could add another window in the middle: some lighthouses have two on each back and front/ sides.

In my opinion, try adding some flat rocks with a variety of shapes if you look up lighthouse; all over the world you will see they feature many specific items within their scene. Otherwise it is a small showcase with not much, depending if your wanting a simply build the finishing touches to it could add a bit of realism - I would consider adding a boat in the distance.


I agree :+1: like jordonh23 said he can add a boat

I agree with him, especially the future lighting part. The future lighting gives some of the textures bump maps (these are what make them look like they aren’t just an image). And the lighting interacts with the image, which cannot be replicated by other lighting!

And other than that, it looks pretty good. Keep up the work!

Ok thanks you i will do it next time :slight_smile:

Thank you i will do that :slight_smile:

Ok thank you very much i will add mor things for my next creating :slight_smile:

Isn’t that a free model from Model Creator?

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It’s inspired by model creator but its not the same. Everything is different but its isnpired :wink: