My first ever DevForum project!

Me and my friend, RobloxPlayer300k, have been working on a game called Guess The Number

All feedback will be greatly appreciated :face_with_monocle:

Keep in mind that this game is only a test!

Hope you have a wonderful day on the DevForum Community! :grinning:


I hate to say this, but I can hardly call your game a “game”. What’s the point of it? There’s absolutely no gameplay other than putting two numbers and then guessing a number. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with this? A heads up is that there is almost no such thing as a “GUI Only” game that become successful. You need to come up with a better game idea, your idea is really boring, repetitive, and overall simple.

Here are some things to think about when designing a game:

  1. Will players want to come back to your game?
  2. How long will players spend in your game on their first visit?
  3. Will you be making any money and profit off of this game?

Personally, I played 3 “rounds” of your game and left. There’s almost nothing to do at all, and currently I do not feel like going back since it will just be the same thing as what I just experienced.


This is very true,

This game was made as a test and it was not going to be a game that I would actually make profit from, it was just a game for me and my friend to practice our skills in roblox development

I also am a bit new to development so I understand that I am not one of the best programmers out there

Thank you for your feedback!

It’s not exactly a game, but it works.

WordBomb is quite a fun and successful game which is only composed of GUIs.
ROBLOX Uno is also a fun and successful game which relies almost completely on GUI for gameplay.

Successful games that have GUI-based gameplay do exist. If that is what you are seeking to create, then best of luck to you in your venture. @DevBloxStudios

I recall making a game like that except it starts of with 1-10 then it slowly goes up to 1000 and you get hints and 3 tries, if you can’t find it then the game is over, I don’t remember where that game went… Anyways, you should try something like that, also when you guess the number you can see a portion of the baseplate…

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I think this is a problem on other devices, I’ll be sure to run it in the emulator that roblox studio provides

Thanks for your feedback!

I think you should add a currency and a shop and something for the user to work towards, you could earn more robux from it (from spending hours on the game working towards an item) and players might come back to earn even more items. Good luck!

I said there is almost no successful GUI only game. Of course there’s always those minorities out there, but a majority of the games on the front page are not GUI only. Normally it is harder to become successful and get on the front page if you make a “minority” game than if you make a game that falls into the “majority” category. Take story games for example, one after the other, they’re mostly successful. Same as simulators, one after the other they mostly are successful. Of course both story games and simulators only have success for a short amount of time, but it still gets the job done in terms of money and fanbase, and I believe that’s what most developers are aiming for which is why so many people make tycoons, simulators, and story games.

This is why one of my suggestions to @DevBloxStudios was to monetize his game, because right now he has no monetization. Most studio’s first games are simply games to get money and cook up a fanbase, that’s how they “take off”.

As he said, it was simply a test/first project to practice his skills.

He wouldn’t make any profit from it, and doesn’t want any fanbase or the like.

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I’m responding to @Criscipi, not really to the original poster.

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I’d say simulators and story games are only a first step in establishing a developer, or a development team. They are too numerous to retain popularity in the long-term.

To be quite honest, your feedback towards OP in this thread was overly harsh. He is not trying to create a game, he is simply testing out his skills and created a simple way to exhibit them. I think you’re overthinking his intentions - I don’t see why you would talk about monetisation all of a sudden, as this is clearly, as OP elaborated, not a project meant to be published or played.

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I think instead of trying a GUI only game, I should just make it so you type in chat your guess for something else but numbers because numbers are quite repetitive and can be boring as you have stated (which is true), I think that I will use pictures instead

Every time you get it right I can make a tween so it elevates you to the next level so it is like a tower of pictures and you have to guess what they are

I also think that I can make themes for the towers, so one tower is country flags and another one is youtubers etc

My inspiration for this idea is from Guess That Character

Hope you have a great day in the DevForum Community!