My first ever GFX

Can you pleas tell me some ways i can improve in the next image? Thx :coefficients:

Btw i made this in like 13 minutes lol


Alright, so here are some of things I recommend you do to improve.

  1. Import the model(s) you want to use into a 3D modelling software that allows you to take transparent background photos (preferably Blender)
  2. Edit the model as you see fit in the software, and then take a PNG photo with a transparent background of your model
  3. Go into any photo editing software (pixlr is a pretty good free online editor) and add overlays and stuff to “spice up” your GFX

This all probably sounds really complicated, but once you get the jist of it, your GFX will improve tenfold. Youtube tutorials can help too, here are a few that I found that might help:

It does require a little learning on your own though, but it shouldn’t be too complicated.
Edit: Tutorials may be outdated on Blender by the way


Please ignore these tutorials because they teach so little about most of the blender stuff. I recommend checking this channel out.


Yeah that’s true, I couldn’t find the one tutorial that I used to learn blender and GFX at the same time. It’s cause all of them were made back in blender 2.79, and I doubt they will download an outdated version of Blender.

You can watch non-roblox related blender tutorials and self-teaching yourself the basics because that worked out for me in the long run.

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Oh nice. Yeah I basically already knew some parts of Blender before I started so that helped me with learning GFX

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I was using blender to make my person

Thank you both for the awesome feedback!

Great job for your first! What I’d suggest is to start using a Blender Roblox rig such as paintrig or ultimaterig. These let you get nice bends and posing. Secondly, I’d learn about lighting. Learning about texturing is also great. As reiterated from the great suggestions before me, really look into BLENDER tutorials, and not just Roblox GFX tutorials. You learn a lot more this way, and you learn far more advanced things. I will be linking some videos down below, to help you get started on your journey as a GFX artist:

(You don’t have to watch everything here by the way lol!)
Good luck, with practice you can achieve great things!

Also don’t hesitate to ever reach out to me on more help, or if you’d like to learn anything else :wink:


Are you trolling us or are you for real?

thanks for the feedback lol, i never used blender before it was just sting on my desk top until i used it yesterday

But i see how you though how i was trolling :coefficients:

Oh, sorry if I sounded like I was insulting your work, I wanted to know if you were looking for actual feedback or if you were trolling.

Anyways, this looks pretty good for your first gfx!

No its ok, it did’t sound mean at all!

The GFX is fine you just need to improve on.

Importing peoples characters into a scene on blender there’s a lot of Youtube tutorials that may be handy.
Use a 3D Software to make GFX it will turn your GFX to life.
But overall the GFX is fine you just need to learn how to import characters.
I highly recommend you using Load Character Plugin.
But again, there is a lot of tutorials on GFX you may use them to
become a PRO GFX artist.

ive become much better in the past few days :coefficients:

well, first of all make actual gfx

It was my first time using blender buddy.

hope your second time using blender goes good

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