My first ever gfx

Looking for feedback just finished my first GFX. Please be honest! Untitled (2)|690x388 onest what you think about it.

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I like it! I’m not sure why the city outside the window is black and white. This may look better if it had colour to match the rest of the gfx.

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Thank you. I don’t know why I made it black and white either lol.

It’s very good for your 1st Gfx! Theres a bit of a rendering problem in the bottom left of the window. But apart from that I don’t see any problems with it.

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to improve for my new gfx.

For your first gfx this is really awesome. The only problem is that the windows on the bottom is a bit erased for some reason. That’s all :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback! I don’t know what happen to the bottom corner, I think it happen when I went to make the background transparent because blender wasn’t doing it.

The lighting looks very bland and not dramatic. You should have tried actually making a 3d model for the city too. Try postroccesing in photoshop and adding rim lighting. I would say, it is acceptable for a first GFX, and I wish you luck on your rendering!

Alright. Thanks for the feedback.

Looks good for a first! Though I would chose a different color for the city outside of the window, and maybe try to fix the erased part of the window, and some different lighting would be good too, best of luck!

Hey @Sprunggg!

Immediate Thoughts

I’m just going to disregard that this is your first GFX and get straight to the point so you can create more refined art.


  • Lighting is very poor / absent. Insert point lights, play with lighting.
  • Denoising is poor, a lot of the edges are fuzzy. Makes me ask if this is a screenshot or a render.
  • I understand where you’re going with the monochrome wallpaper, however at the moment it is sucking a lot of color out of your scene. The lack of vibrancy is not artistic.
  • The character model is centerpoint, however you see the least detail in the hair, the hat. I think you can use textures to highlight that more.


  • Add a glass BSDF

Tutorials (if you’d like)

(I chose this one because it has a very similar scene as yours)

Here’s some of my renders and some renders of people I think you can take inspiration from!


One of my favorite artists, the famous @i5k:

Thanks for reading!

Hope it helps, interested in what you’ll create next!

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